Why am I dieting for Disney???

Sunday, September 5, 2010
I was at SeaWorld this weekend, and although I did not really enjoy myself, I did notice how tired I got. Of course, I did have sinus issues, but it has concerned me that this has gotten this bad. I would walk and get tired really quickly. When I make the trips to Disney, I don't usually get this tired. But it got me thinking... My husband has lost weight just from working outside and me I am the exact opposite.

I make so many trips to the world, that I want to continue going and enjoying myself without getting super tired within a short amount of time. Disney World, Land,  and the Cruise are a great incentive for me.

I figure if I put it out into the universe, I will be more prone to do what I have to do to get healthy, not just for Disney, but for me and my family. I know that I can do this. :o)

And so it begins!!!! :o)


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