Mondays.. Ahhh... Mondays!!

Monday, September 20, 2010
Today, I am feeling better and hopeful about this whole weight loss thing. I wasn't that hungry today and just knowing that I did gain some of it back, makes me more determined to do this. If nothing else, I will be a healthier me by the time I make my vacation in June. This will be our first vacation that will last an entire 8 days 7 nights all Disney related. Normally, we are known for taking smaller trips about 4 days at the most, because it allows us to take multiple vacations throughout the year.

Today, I was not as hungry and managed to eat and stay within my allotted points for lunch. It did not hurt that a friend went to lunch with me and ate some of what I had, putting me in the position of not eating it all LOL

I am still keeping hope alive that Anthony and I might go to ANYWHERE with just us. That is looking good right about now.

We will see.!!


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