I am feeling better about my weigh-in

Sunday, September 19, 2010
I went through the day trying to figure out where I went wrong this week. Turns out, simply, I ate too much at some point LOL :o).

I think that I may have a cure for myself. Perhaps, if the Lord sees fit, maybe Anthony and I can go on a quick Disney Cruise vacation in November (just us). If something like this could come to pass, that would give me a greater incentive to lose the weight. I wont be thin or anything but perhaps healthier. I think that I have it figured out (of course I think of solutions whether or not we go any where). The kids can stay with my mom that Thursday and Friday, then they could move and stay with Squirt until Sunday. It would only require us to be off Thursday and Friday and back at work on Monday. I long to spend time with just him but I struggle with my feelings of guilt leaving the kids. At the same time the price I found was awesome and I have never seen three digits for cost on anything Disney. Besides, it will be our last cruise on the Wonder before she moves on.

Oh well, just a thought, but maybe if I get in a motivator for myself, it might help, even if we go no where. Of course we will always be able to look forward to our Family vacation in June!!!! Yay!! Disney Dream here we come.


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