First Full Day of Weight Watchers

Monday, September 6, 2010
What can I say....... I am sooooo hungry right now and I have no idea what to eat. Sent Anthony to the store to get food cause I was #1 lazy, #2 & 3 I didn't want to go and over buy. I'm thinking not such a good idea :0(.
Today I had a whole bag of salad (romaine lettuce and carrotts) and about two teaspoons of ceasar dressing. Plains Lays potatoe chips, one pop scicle.
I think thatbi am doing this wrong. Should I be this hungry?? Man I hope I can get a handle on this soon. If not I do not know what will work.
All I can continue to think is Disney, Disney, Disney.
I am still hungry though. Lol


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