Brief Update.. June 21...

Friday, December 31, 2010
Just a brief update:

 I am pretty sure that we will be taking the 8PM flight from MCO after the cruise. So that we have something to do and not be sitting in the airport itself. I just reserved the MCO Hyatt for $89 for their "Day Room", from 10AM - 6PM. I realize I could save that but leaving that ship at 9:00AM (approx) and getting to the airport about 10 is just way too long with an active little boy. I made sure to make it part of the budget.


MCO Hyatt Hotel

My Plans For The Year!

Ok, so it didn't take long to post LOL :o)

I have a few plans this year, but lets discuss my vacation plans for June.

We are leaving June 14 and returning on the 21st.
  • June 14, 2020: . AirTran. By the way, we only have the flight going, not coming back just yet.  That is ok, I am sure a good special will come up :o). But I could not pass up the $94 each one way price. Now just to wait and see about the cost coming back
  • June 14-17 : Bay Lake Tower (DVC). Lakeview Studio.
    • We had previous reservations with Old Key West, but decided to make a change. Besides I have an abundance of points left over even with the change, that we thought if BLT was available, we might as well go ahead and get it. I am glad that we were able to get it. I didn't think that I would be this excited but I really am. 
  • June 17-21: Disney Dreaming. Category 8C GTY. Not sure about the actual room assignment, but that will come in time. This is cruise # 6 for us on Disney, so this is also exciting. 
As you can see, I will have to loss some weight and get myself healthier. Its sad that I need something like a trip to get me motivated, but as long as I get it done it will be fine, right? :o). After the weekend, I will be back on track with weight watchers. It really helped while I was doing it recently, but the point system has changed a bit so I will be doing a bit of research here pretty soon.

This year will be pretty busy still (but I am blessed to have it). In addition to working full time, I will continue to teach part-time at the colleges. The extra funds are a blessing because it allows for all of the madness knows as Disney and some odds and ends.

In the meantime, I leave you with the commercial that is just so cute :o):

Enjoy.. Until next time, which will be much more often :o)

Ok, ok.. It has been a while, but I am back now.. Weight loss HERE I COME!!

It has been a while, and I while I am here at home with the kids, enjoying my last few days of freedom until Monday when I return to work. I am actually excited to get back in the groove. The quicker we get through this, the quicker we get to the summer. :o)

I will begin this new year journey with a picture of the kids. This is Miss Kelsey. Such a bright girl, who is ultra inquisitive, but that is what I love about her. She is my biggest help and fan. She admires my flaws and everything, even though I do force her to do her homework, clean her room, and not allow her to watch TV during the week, when school is in. LOL. She a soccer player so she has alot to keep her busy :o)

Here are my two men!! Don't ask.. I have no idea what they were looking at. LOL. Dudie is a fun little boy who loves Iron Man, BatMan, and SpiderMan. SMH.  I guess they have to like something huh? He does have his own cape. Big Anthony is awesome as a husband and father. The fact that he loves Disney too makes it that much better. LOL

That is my family! As I continue on this weight loss journey to Disney, hopefully they wont tempt me too much LOL.

I promise, I am back to continue this until June.

Next Installment..... Our plans!!