Video of Dudie and the servers singing Happy Birthday!! :o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lets Talk about this last Vacation (part 1)

Let me preface this by stating that my overall experience with the Disney Dream was awesome!! I did find some things that were completely different from that of the Disney Wonder.

Let me also say that I feel so stupid!! This whole time on the on the Dream, I kept thinking that I just missed having the TV movies so much (because there is literally NOTHING on TV)…. Until, I spoke with Guest Services about my experience and the apparent differences that I noticed. Well, I am sad to say, that THERE ARE TV movies to watch (YEA!!!!). This whole time I have spent saying to myself, that I truly miss it because there were some times that I just wanted to sit in the room, but I was thinking that was impossible with the lack of TV programming. For future reference, on the TV Remote, click Menu and it brings up a whole list of ONDemand Movies and shows. I am just in awe about the whole thing. Of course, I too am excited that I found it for the next time J

Overall, this is a phenomenal ship that truly is in a class by itself. I can tell that they took some of the little details that worked for the Wonder and the Magic, and engulfed itself with upgrades to those details for the sake of this ship. As you walk on you’re truly taken a back and just want to take in all of the elegant details it offers from the time you step on the ship. I admit that I was not expecting what I got. But I was pleasantly surprised. Again, Disney understood what works and does not work for everyone and found a way to incorporate all of that.

We started out by leaving Bay Lake Tower about 9:00 AM. We arrived about 10:20 AM, and the nice young man suggested that the kids and I get out (and get checked in) while Anthony parks the car. Disney really knows how to treat women and children and understand that the men need to do the obviousJ. Of course, Anthony is easy going, so no worries with him.

The kids get and received our boarding number (which was #11). As we got checked in the awesome guest service lady, scratched out the 11 and wrote in 5 and initialed it. This, of course, giving us an earlier boarding number. (Yea!!).  They took our pictures. After we got checked in it was time to get the kids registered with the kids club. At first glance that line was outrageous, but to my dismay, it went rather swiftly In line a max of 20 minutes (if that). For that is I was thankful J.  After getting everyone checked in we were able to get in line and go through the Mickey portal. We stood in line for our “the pictures”.  After that we proceeded onward, to be announced and applauded by the staff at the entrance. For some reason that just never seems to get old. We then went upstairs to the 5th floor and got Dudie set up and ready to go. I took lots of pics while I was here.

We then went and had lunch at the Enchanted Gardens (mostly because I wanted to see what it looked it). Orginally, I wanted to stay on the 2nd floor to be near this enchanted place, but alas I ended up on the 8th floor. Lunch was great; except I am more of a normal food kind of person (you know chicken burgers, etc). LOL.

After lunch we headed to the room. The room is pretty standard, except that this room was a lot bigger than the ones we would normally stay in. Of course we are on a newer ship and a different ship with a different category. We are normally used to a category 9, but we got a category 8C. For the next one (if it goes through) we will have a category 4C. We will see how that plays out. More on that later.

Here are a few pictures that I took on the way to getting to "The Place" :o)

Until next time :) 

T-Minus 2 Days.....

Sunday, June 12, 2011
Wow, as I am sitting here with nothing on except this computer. I am getting a tad bit overwhelmed. I do this to myself all of the time. I really need to get Anthony and I packed, but for some reason, I am just LAZY (no seriously, LAZY). I was supposed to do my hair, but luckily, I was texting a friend on yesterday and she was with my hair stylist (who I forgot to call to set an appointment up with for my hair). Luckily, he was able to get me in to see him today!! Yea!!! So after 1:00 PM that will be done and over with. I will still need to continue to pack.

It turns out that my really cute and awesome computer that I bought (DELL Duo -with the flip top screen) does NOT have a plug for an Ethernet, nor a spot for my head phones. I am going to be having class and will need both of those. Now to accommodate, I will have to take a keyboard and mouse. Wait I did buy a wireless router. $32 buck. Does no good... You have to have that Ethernet connection to get it started. SMH!!! I do not want to take my bigger laptop but I might have to under the circumstances. We will see. All of this and it seems that I will be doing more work to do work, then anything. But at least the bigger bulk of work will be before we leave for the cruise. So all I will have to do is check emails. Should be easy enough, right??

Weight-loss has gone well. I lost another pound. Did not quite reach my goal in all of this, but at least something is gone LOL :o). After this trip, we begin planning the Christmas Surprise for the kids. It will be a quick trip, but at least we will be at the Christmas party :o).

If you have any extra energy, please send some my way!! I could use it. I am guessing I should allow Dudie to help, because at least something will get into the suitcase and that is a start.

Until next time :o)