Tuesdays Workout

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
I admit I was not in the best of moods yesterday, I was able to push myself to do our workout. I am proud of us!!! The running part lasted 30 seconds longer each time. As we go we will push it more later on. Lol :-)

No workout today, I have to work but we will get back to it tomorrow.

Until next time ....

Today we rode our bikes

Monday, July 25, 2011
A good change of pace for us. The goal is to be fit and be able to jog/trot. Lol.

I used a bike app this time. It calculated us @ 5.1k = 3 miles. It took 30:42 min with an average speed of 9.8 km( I have no idea what that means lol)

Not bad, tomorrow we do our walk/run/trot then we take a break on Wednesday. Do another bike ride Thursday and walk Friday with rest on Saturday. We will deal with next week then. I am not sure we will stick to this weeks schedule. Lol

The goal is to get used to it so when I go back to work I can keep it up minus an additional rest day during the week.

Wish us luck :6)

Until next time!!

Another good run (trot) :o)

We did 1.77 miles in 35 minutes on Sunday (yesterday). This time I was able to go around twice without stopping (yea!!) I know it is not much, but it is a start. We started this on last Sunday, so we will see if I can continue. Today, we will ride bikes. I have to admit (again) that I enjoy doing this with Anthony and the kids. It makes me feel like, we are doing this together because it is important to us. :o)

I got both kids signed up for soccer. Can you imagine a 3 year old playing soccer?? LOL.. Kelsey of course is an old pro, so it is all good for her. It will take some creative scheduling on my part, but what choice do I have. Getting these babies to stay active is important to us.

I got the news that a classmate has passed today. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I guess the older we get.... wow, is all I can say.

Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing... I lost 2 lbs since last week (YEA!!!!) Lets see if I can keep the momentum going. I find that I will have to FORCE myself to workout. If I keep up the pace, I might be able to make my goal, by the new year. ;-)  Wish me luck!

Until Next Time......


Day 4. I forgot to post

Sunday, July 24, 2011
1.80 miles I'm 30 min. Better but not great. I will take it :o). The running section was longer each time.

We will make the attempt again today. It is a blessing to have Anthony and the kids with me.

I will post on the update for today's run. :o)

Day 3 C25K

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Today was better. Not great but better than the first two days. I will take it. I was able to trot/walk longer than before. Instead if the 60 seconds. I did 120 seconds. Yes!!

I'm going to TRY to keep this up. I am hoping I can do it.

Today was 1.63 miles in 30 minutes. We have a way to go but I will take it :6)

Day 2 C25k

I admit this is not easy. Today I did 4 minutes of running/ trotting. Of course not all at once but separate. I think that this is the time when most quit. I'm gonna try not to. I have a goal in mind and I want the reward at the end of all of this. I can do this!!

I'm going to check with the local recreation center about joining. Maybe doing this inside might help. Wish me luck :6)

Until next time !!

Day 1 - C25K

Monday, July 18, 2011
I started day 1 of this C25K regime on yesterday. I admit that I did not do well but at least my running partner Kelsey did great. Lol. Anthony and the Dude tagged along as well :6). I love these folks so much for doing this for me.

Let's see where this takes us. Won't do day 2 until tomorrow :6)

Until next time....

My weightloss

Monday, July 4, 2011
I have not fomented much on my weight. As this journey went on, I did not meet my goal for weightloss. I have to say that having a Disney goal helps. This journey is on going and I will continue down this path i have started.

Whatever I do I need to get it together. I have faith I can. :6).

Until next time.

Where to go next???

As I sit and contemplate our next move (regarding our Big vacation), I continue to ponder a bit. I have a "dummy" date all set for a cruise. I'm still unsure about the date.Thinking Thanksgiving or Xmas 2012 on the Magic or The Dream. Of course that depends on what is going on at that time.

As I think, it has to be something different, but not so different that it is not who I am. All too often people want to "help" you to see that something else is better and don't get me wrong it could be. I am not against something different at all so here's what I am thinking...

* June 11-18,2012
* June 11 - 13, 2012 fly into Miami and drive to Key West,Fl where we would stay two nights
* June 13-15,2012 drive to Vero Beach and stay (you guessed it) Disney Vero Beach Resort (DVC) for two nights.
* June 15-18,2012. End it all at the happiest place on earth. Not sure where we would stay but it's got DVC written all over it. Lol

This will entail alot of driving so well see. Lol

This is just a rough draft that will change either way between now and then. Anthony loves the idea so I would just need to do a bit if research to see if it's doable. Anything is right?

We will see what happens but I wanted to get it in writing before I forgot. Lol.

Of course along the way we will see about other excursions (Washington DC - I would love to see the MLK Monument that opens August 28 (Kelsey's bday). Of course im thinking spring break for no more than 2 nights.

Who knows what will happen but it's nice to think dream and plan. :6)

Until next time. :6)

Pictures Part 3

Friday, July 1, 2011
Lobby before Dinner

Something to spread on your bread. It wasnt bad

This was actually pretty good

Of course dessert

Breakfast on the deck. The best location for breakfast

breakfast on the deck.. perfect for eating each morning

Birthday boy!

Pictures Part 2

The Dude;s Birthday outfit!

Lobby of Animators Palette

I do not know. Some kids meal.

This is when he was "live"

This is after he was done!

Bike Path

Bike path

Something we saw on the way!

The lookout Tower

View from Tower

Now where is she going??

The end of the journey. Peaceful!

the two Anthonys' enjoying the scenery