I am now fully immersed into Week 2 of Weight Watchers

Thursday, September 16, 2010
This week, I must say that so far, it is going well. I have been a little hungry but not like it was for week 1. When I went to the store, I made sure that I only bought foods that would be good to eat, while not compromising the taste that we all know that I love!!! I lost 5 lbs last week, which I believe was water weight, but I will take it LOL :o)

Saturday, myself and some friends went to this little place called Jokes & Jazz. It was lunch time so it was not crowded at all. It was my first time there, but the Chicken & Waffles were great! I wish I could cook like that. I doubt that was a something on the point plan but I needed to treat myself.

I think that I am in need of a vacation... BY MYSELF!! The funny thing is that I am not kidding. I am so seriously thinking of just getting on a plane and heading to the "house" for a weekend, BY MYSELF.  I know that it sounds funny, and I so love my husband and them there babies of mine, but I am just at a loss of words with the things that are going on in my head. Just about 2-3 days and I will be fine.

We will see what the coming weeks hold. Gotta love the idea of just being who you are and enjoy being you :o).

I wonder how much more have I lost this week. I will see on Sunday. I need to take some pics, but I will just do that later :o)


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