Ok... Tuesday....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Today, and yesterday, I did well :o).

I was able to eat within my points and have some left over last night. I think that I am finally coming into the notion that my health is important. Today, so far so good. I am going to make an effort to actually cook tonight (something I have not done in years or months). I have the recipe for Cabbage Soup, which is 0 points. I know what you are saying, is that all?? Heck no... lol. I will also bake some pork chops as well. I have to have my protein LOL.

Its days l ike this that I think about those awesomely fattening, scrumptious Nachos that I had at Disneyland. Yum, Yum is all I can think of for that.

Its time to get healthy so when I take that vacation to Disney in June, I will be ready. I may even do a crazy excursion like swim with the dolphins or do some ziplining.  We will see.


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