Day three......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Today, I have to say was much better than yesterday. I did manage to over due it by 4 points on yesterday. At least the overage points are there LOL.  Today has started out better, I guess. I waited until I got to work and had some carrots and sprite zero. As you can see I am figuring if I save my points, I can eat something at lunch. Today, I had Sonic Grilled Chicken Sandwich and small tater tots with water. According to the site,  I have used 13 points. Not too bad. Not sure what I will eat later but I am not starving like I was. I guess having that small something earlier might have helped.

We are still in the "we will see" phase. So I guess time will tell. I really need to attempt to get to Disney just a bit smaller than I am. LOL :o)


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