Where to go next???

Monday, July 4, 2011
As I sit and contemplate our next move (regarding our Big vacation), I continue to ponder a bit. I have a "dummy" date all set for a cruise. I'm still unsure about the date.Thinking Thanksgiving or Xmas 2012 on the Magic or The Dream. Of course that depends on what is going on at that time.

As I think, it has to be something different, but not so different that it is not who I am. All too often people want to "help" you to see that something else is better and don't get me wrong it could be. I am not against something different at all so here's what I am thinking...

* June 11-18,2012
* June 11 - 13, 2012 fly into Miami and drive to Key West,Fl where we would stay two nights
* June 13-15,2012 drive to Vero Beach and stay (you guessed it) Disney Vero Beach Resort (DVC) for two nights.
* June 15-18,2012. End it all at the happiest place on earth. Not sure where we would stay but it's got DVC written all over it. Lol

This will entail alot of driving so well see. Lol

This is just a rough draft that will change either way between now and then. Anthony loves the idea so I would just need to do a bit if research to see if it's doable. Anything is right?

We will see what happens but I wanted to get it in writing before I forgot. Lol.

Of course along the way we will see about other excursions (Washington DC - I would love to see the MLK Monument that opens August 28 (Kelsey's bday). Of course im thinking spring break for no more than 2 nights.

Who knows what will happen but it's nice to think dream and plan. :6)

Until next time. :6)


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