Today we rode our bikes

Monday, July 25, 2011
A good change of pace for us. The goal is to be fit and be able to jog/trot. Lol.

I used a bike app this time. It calculated us @ 5.1k = 3 miles. It took 30:42 min with an average speed of 9.8 km( I have no idea what that means lol)

Not bad, tomorrow we do our walk/run/trot then we take a break on Wednesday. Do another bike ride Thursday and walk Friday with rest on Saturday. We will deal with next week then. I am not sure we will stick to this weeks schedule. Lol

The goal is to get used to it so when I go back to work I can keep it up minus an additional rest day during the week.

Wish us luck :6)

Until next time!!


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