Wow! What a week!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Wow, where to begin...

The good thing is that I have 57 days left until V-Day!! I am at the point where I am no longer rushing it, because I just really want to enjoy the whole planning phase. I was able to buy the kids some additional clothing, and I realized that I am not really done. I have gotten about 3 outfits and they are like the dressy kind. Not really, but a little. Not good enough for them to be able to go to summer day care this summer. So I am still on the look out for those really casual (cheap) outfits that they can wear during those times (before, during and after vacation). So I still have a way to go. I am buying a little at a time. No one wants to go into debt over stuff like that, so it is better to do it in increments. Big Anthony and I can wait. I have bought myself a swim suit, that I plan to pair with my cover up LOL.. So I only needed 1 not multiples. This is the cool time to get all of this done. After our state testing next week, I will be in full force.

Reservations are done for Thanksgiving 2012, after this June vacation, let the Layaway spending begin to start paying the Disney Magic cruise off!! This should be easy, because we have some time to do this. Then this blog will continue on. Gotta hold myself accountable. Not sure, but something might be in the works sometime soon (Shhh!!!) LOL :o).

This past week, I began working out!It was no more than 30 minutes, but it was something and for that I am happy with myself. Now did I lose weight?? Heck no, that is where the weird week came in. But again, no weight gain, so I will take it. I just have to get my brain on the same page as my eating habits. It is really hard to break those, especially if you are an emotional eater. Which I think that I am (Self diagnosing here). LOL.. The strange thing is that there was not really any junk, just not as healthy as it should have been. Again, gotta get it together. 57 days does not leave me much time to get on board. My prayer is to at least lose 15 pounds, which I think is attainable.

This week, I did have an interview at a different school. As weird as it was, I think that I did ok, but they did let me know that they are going with another candidate. That explained why it was weird LOL. This is normal, when a candidate was already chosen prior to the interview process, and the rest is just a formality. I am fine with it, because it did give me some experience with interviewing, which I have not done since I have been where I am.  For that I am thankful. :o). Where I am, the surrounding is not bad at all (Thankfully). The only negative is the drive, but even that is not bad as most. So I have no issues being where I am.

Another thing that happened this week. I got a bonus from my PT job, so we decided it was time to purchase a notebook computer. It is a Dell Inspiron Duo. It has the tablet capabilities along with the standard keyboard. Both capabilities are awesome! That computer will be our taking on vacation, trips, etc computer. It is compact enough to take with you, yet big enough where I can get my work done. The tablet function is just perfect. I do own a NookColor, which is also awesome. I do not plan to use the computer to replace my Nook,because with all of the work I have to do, there is just so many other things that I can get done. The only negative thing having the PT jobs, is that I will still have to work, but it is worth it for us. Do I get tired, of course! but at the end of the day, they (along with my FT job) are a blessing. They came at the right time. It just takes additional planning to make sure that I have time for everything (Kids, family). Thankfully, I have had the time. I am in no way endorsing the computer, neither do I work for the company. Just giving my opinion on what I have in my possession.

Anthony's birthday is next Sunday. Not sure what will be done, just yet. I am sure that at least a dinner is in order. It is the day before our week of testing, so it will be hard for me to relax until it is all over.

Until next time :o)... More exercising is in the works for me :o)


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