Ok...not a bad week. 1 pound down... :o)

Sunday, April 24, 2011
I am happy to report that 1 pound is down. I consider this an achievement because last week was a no weightloss, no weight-gain week. So I will take it. I just need to get through the next week, then I will be on my way. State testing this week, so it can be difficult to focus on anything else when this happens each year. Things will be downhill from that point, I just have to get there, so that I can focus on my weightloss and my full exercising regime. Kelsey can finally ride her bike, so now she and I can do some bike riding after we get in (Except on the day, I have class). There will be so much more time to get it together. Don't worry, the plan is to still watch what I eat, which will be good because the week, forces me to make my lunch, making it easier to put healthy choices. I CAN do this. :o)

Now for some other updates...

We finally received the new luggage we ordered. This was exciting because we were able to donate the old luggage as well. The set was about $59 bucks for the set. So I think that we got a good deal. The key to all of this is to buy a little at a time without going into any debt. So far so good LOL :o)

Today, we did the official Sign-up for the Disney Y.E.S. Program (each ticket was $134.00 for the three day ticket).

Here is the link for more information:
Disney Y.E.S. Program Syngery in Science

Here is the link to view the video information about the program

It was a toss up between that and the dining plan. Since we will pig out on the cruise, there was no need for the dining plan this time. Besides when thinking about the cost, we figured that Kelsey getting this educational opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You know you just never know. Something positive can happen and she could really begin her enjoyment of science.  Any educational exposure is worth it in our book. To have the combination of the fun and education?? That is awesome. While Kelsey her dad will be in the "class" Dudie and I will be heading to HS I think for a few hours just to get in some type of activity.  Of course doing this is taking some planning on my part because we do have the tickets to Universal Studios for that one day. But it will work.

After this next week, I will be putting together a preliminary plan for the days we will be at the world. The good thing is that we are cancelling our excursion and Remy's on the cruise I think. To do a more laid back approach to the cruising portion of the trip. I think that it will be worth it.

Thanks to my friend, Elantrice for helping with the decision. :o)

Until next time :o)!!!


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