What a Week!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Wow, it was truly a week indeed...

It started on Monday - Wednesday with our state testing, so I did not have time to do anything (including my actual job duties). It wasnt too bad,except for the one hiccup that involved a student. Even that was not too bad.

Of course, I had to work my pt job, but through  it all, I did make time to make my reservation for the cruise from Texas in Nov 2012!!!! I have to say that I was so in shock by the cost of those cruises, and at first I had the Dec 2012 (Christmas) cruise reserved but that lasted maybe 5 hours, then I made the change. When you see $7900 you do tend to be in shock. At least the cost went down because I made the change. After a day,that $7900 price went up to $8500!!! Yes you heard it right. Supply and demand is in effect indeed. Again, we made the change so no worries there for us. (Whew)

I finally bought a swimsuit. It was so cheap that I had to jump on it and to top it off, I looked good. I still have along way to go but it was a start. Oh and I did buy another camera. Not expensive (Thankfully) but something more compact. It is days like this, that I am thankful for what I have!

On the weightloss front. No change :o( But at least no gain. I am seriously going to do better. I will be adding in exercising this week. I think that should make a big change for me. Keep your thoughts with me. :o)

Until  next time :o)!


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