Let's See... A Few updates!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Wow, decent week so far, I wonder what the rest has in store. :o)..

One thing that happened was that we are no longer a Guaranteed Homeless Family (LOL). We FINALLY have a room number on the cruise. After almost a year as GTY we are now part of the crew. No upgrades, but at least we got to stick with the 8C Category. I can just see the kids sitting in the window looking out and just enjoying the view. That picture, in my head, will be so awesomely priceless. It is just something about going on vacation and seeing the looks on those faces that make it all worth it. The pt jobs, the working hard, sacrificing.  It is truly one of God's true blessings. I will pay anyday to see the looks on my kids faces that they have from things like that. :o).  My sister said, "I think you should have gotten an upgrade". I say no way, not with my active little man LOL..

Ok, I was on twitter, and noticed that the Disney Park Blog posted an awesome tidbit about Mickey Mouse in Your Walt Disney Resort Room. At first, I thought wow, you mean to tell me we can pay for him to come and visit?  Not quite (based on the cost). But for $29.00 you can get what they call "Walking Mickey", which is really a large 4ft 8 airwalking balloon. I thought that was so cool, I immediately called Anthony and told him. You guessed it, I called and purchased it to be in our room at Bay Lake Tower (YEA!!!). The cost was too good to pass up and I can only imagine the looks on my little ones faces when they see him. Granted, I doubt we can take him with us on the cruise all blown up, but the agent said to bring a straw and deflate him like that. Works for us. Heres a pic:

Disney knows how to do it!!! I will still be making a another purchase for the little ones birthday while on the cruise, and maybe something extra for the oldest one so she wont feel bad. But the balloon is for both of them. One is enough.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow (last minute appointment), and I know that all will be well. :o)

Until next time :o)!!!


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