Not much change in weight this week..... More Vacation Updates

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Ho Hum... Not much change. Approximately .2 lbs. Not much but I will take it. I guess it is safe to say that no weight loss for this week. This is ok because I know that I just have to get better and more consistent... I did see the same Nutrisystem card at Walgreens for $134. Alot cheaper than the one at Costco, except it is only for three weeks. At this points I will take it just to see what happens. I am still doing WeightWatchers. Haven't done it perfectly, but I am getting there. I am seeing some results.

Vacation Update: See there is some decent news..
I finally obtained our Universal Studios Tickets. Yea!!!! I got them for an awesome price. I didn't think that I would find anything, but with some helpful information from a fellow Dis'er. I searched and BINGO! So now we will definitely be going. Now if I could get a 1 day ticket to Disney all would be well. But I am expecting to pay the normal pricing for that, so no worries there.

I did order the kids some clothes. Of course they were on sale. One of the pair of shorts for Kelsey is too little so that is one thing that I have to send back to Walmart.

I am still searching for a cheap swim suit for myself.   I have two awesome strapless maxi cover-ups, but no swimsuit. I guess I better add one to the scenario. LOL

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  1. Amie said...:

    Yeah for Universal but a tip make sure you go on a day that is not open early to the resort guests if you want to see the Harry Potter Park. We were going to go to Island of Adventure but it was PACKED. The other park was not, I was a bit sad to give up my Harry Potter day but for all our sanity it was best.

    Good luck with the weight loss.

  1. Amie,
    Thanks so much. We are completely new to the whole Universal thing. So any tips are welcomed! Keep em coming! Sanity really is the best thing. If it is crowded we will just adjust accordingly. I dont HAVE to see the HP exhibit, even though it would be nice. :o)

    Thanks for the good luck on the weightloss :o)

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