What is this week 4 or 5... I have stopped counting :o)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Apparently, I have LOL.

I have lost a WHOPPING... (wait for it )....... 1 pound. SMH. LOL

I do not think that I have been so serious the past week. So much on my mind and I have to admit, I need a vacation. Well not really, but you get the idea. I enjoy all that I do, so that makes it worth the time and patience. If it were not for the additional jobs, I am not sure if we would be able to accomplish what we were able to after Anthony lost his job and eventually made less money. Do not get me wrong..... Him working where he works is a blessing and I feel in my heart that it is preparing him for the job of his dreams. Architecture is so vast, that I just know that he is getting what he needs right now.. until....

I took a leap of faith on yesterday. I contacted a local principal inquiring about a possible Librarian position at a new school here in the district. It was just an inquiry without a resume, but I see that he opened it, so that is good. Hey!! He didn't delete it YET!! LOL. It is MUCH closer to my home and the lesser drive would mean so much. Both kids will be at the same school next year so I will only have one pickup. The thought of it sounds awesome, even though, we will miss Aunt Robbie. Dudie is really doing well with going to the potty. even pooping in the potty. YEA!! He says.. I'm a BIG BOY!.. OH NO!!! At least I know that he will be able to go into the kids club (DCL Oceaneers Club) in peace now, without worry. If I get to move schools, I will be able to be close enough to get them earlier and hopefully get home early enough for Miss Thing to get her homework done. She is just doing so well. Sometimes, I just can not believe how intelligent she is. I don't tell her ... just in case she wants to make a change LOL :o). Matter of fact, she has been pulling 90-100's on her Spelling, Math, and Science exams. All I say it good, because if I make a big deal out of it she might stop. LOL If this continues, she will have a giant surprise in store for her in the coming months.

I just realized that June is not too far away, and getting ready for this trip...attempting to lose weight, etc, will be challenging, but so worth it for that time and beyond. I heard Steve Harvey on the radio this AM and he is on there right now. Depending on what happens, when we get there, I will probably pay the deposit to do the Fantasy in June 2012. That will be 7 days in all (to St. Martin & St. Thomas), so that will be awesome. The deposit is cheaper on board, so we may be taking the leap and this journey of mine will continue even after this next vacation.

I do not think that others understand my love of Disney. This is not something that just came up when I was able to afford to go, but long before that. I try to surround myself with people that have some of the same interests, because others really do their best to take your joy. Its funny, when others go on vacation and have good things happen for them, I am genuinely happy for them and most of the time, feel like it is me going through their journey. Not where I infringe on their joy, but to really just show support. It sucks that my excitement has to be down played with some, just to get them to be cordial to me. I reserve my vacation talks to those that are in other states (GA) and the DIS. Here at home, there is just no real support outside of my home. Who cares if this is always our destination of choice. It is what makes us happy, just like buying cars,etc will make others happy. I work HARD everyday!!!!! I not only have one job but three, just to do what I need to do.  As long as I am not asking for money, then it is none of your business. I am not sure if it is jealousy or what. But all I know is that there is nothing in my life for others to be jealous of. Hopefully, I will continue to be me and love who I am with the help of Anthony and the kids..

I know that I went off a bit, but I am just a bit down today. I will shake myself out of it soon. Its days like this that I need my therapist back. My bff is always there to talk, but she is a single mom and has no time for my drama, even though she assures me that she is always there for me (which she is) LOL :o). I am sure all will be well AFTER this dentist appointment today. YUCK!! Cant stand the dentist. But what can you do. My tooth shattered from not taking care of my teeth.

Until next time.


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