Last Day of Vacation! Now back to reality... Update on June Vacation

Sunday, January 2, 2011
This little bit of time before it is time to get ready for my days back at work. Not bad. I just need to wash my hair, and then get the Dude hair cut and washed. Other than that Kelsey just needs to get her clothes together for school and we will all be ready to go. I am excited to get back started.

As I was online just now, I thought, let me make my daily check of Airtran now.I did it and low and behold, my flight that I had been waiting on (Non-stop from MCO at 8 PM) came through!!!! $72 per person. Wow. Makes me wonder if I should have held out for our flight going. LOL.. Yea, I have the day room reserved so that we will have somewhere to rest up before hand, but that is ok under the circumstances.

I think that my planning will be done sooner than I thought. :o). Naaa.. not a chance LOL


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