Its Sunday!! I am back on track... I think

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Wow, what a ride these past few days have been. Not physically, but I think mentally. Trying to keep it together, so that I can carry on is something else. Thankfully, I have an awesome husband and equally awesome kids to keep all of this in perspective. I think that I am just so anxious about May and beyond, this is what is doing it. I am so excited to try and get a possible opportunity, but I just need to get through past TAKS, and it will be all good.

I paid my fee to re-join Weight Watchers Online today. It expired about 2 weeks ago and I thought that I could do it without it... NOT!! But that is ok, I think that I figured out my issues. I have been eating the oatmeal every morning from McDonald's. It is really good, but when I eat breakfast, it is not good because I eat, eat, eat all day long. So that is something that I will no longer do in the future. No more breakfast, so that should help alot in the coming weeks. I keep saying it, but I am so serious about this. If I can drop just 20lbs by June, my job will be done. So that is my short-term (June) goal. I just hope that I can keep my mood stabilized until then. I think that I will be calling a therapist soon LOL. I miss Jennifer during times like this.

Lets see.. I have to talk about Dudie. He is doing soooooo well.!! With the potting situation. He has gone the whole week without pooping or peeing on himself. It was all in the toilet!!!! I am just so proud of him :o). When he turned two he was already a bit behind the other kids Aunt Robbie had, because to be honest, I was not in a rush at all. even though Aunt Robbie starting the process at 18 months. Along the way, he had some stops and starts, because Aunt Robbie had a loss in her family. Which is understandable. Again, I was not 100% on board yet anyway. Well, we got back started around November and he is just flourishing.  Please do not get me wrong, I had nothing to do with it. I did not start enforcing anything until he started saying he had to go potty, so we are so blessed right now. Hes a smart kid overall. I didn't expect anything because he average little boy doesn't do the whole pottying thing (1&2) until they are 3 and something almost 4. But Mr, Man will be ready from the looks of it for the cruise!!! YEA!!!!

Kelsey, so far so good :o). The grades are on point, and I am trying not to be as strict. Don't get me wrong, she still cant watch TV during the week, and I still assign additional homework during the week when she completes her work. But since Soccer is beginning, she wont have much time for anything anymore until the season is over. I think that it is so important to keep them involved in something, because without it they get complacent.  OF course, don't get me wrong, I would rather sit at home on the days  I do not have class an chill, but I have to keep the commitment. She a little soccer star anyway. (Of course she is, I am the MOM). LOL

Big Anthony is doing well. Just a mellow, laid-back guy who truly loves me for who I am. Gotta love a man that lets me make the cool decisions, like vacations LOL :o).

Nothing new on the planning phase of this leg this week, but my plan is to get started back 100% during spring break. Until, I will still frequent the boards and research a bit, but March 4 is when we can start making the real reservations for the cruise, so this will be good.

Ok, I lied!! Here is a link to the purse that I will be purchasing while on board :o)

Disney Dream Dooney Bags

I was going to get the original cruise one, but when I saw that one, I just had to do it.

Anyway, this is all for now!!  Until next time.



  1. Tracy said...:

    My mom and one of my best friends does WW. It'ds a great program...I just got back from my morning exercise/walk as well! AND, I LOVE dsiney, we were just at Epcot on Saturday...We have alot in common ;)
    I am following you now, please stop by and do the same @ - Hopefully you'll find some great deals while you are there!

  1. RC said...:

    Tracy, thanks for stopping by :o). I am going to visit your site now. Yes we definitely have alot in common.

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