Update..... 5/8/2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Ok, I did it :o(.. It is sort of bittersweet but I am at peace with the decision. I cancelled the cruise for November 2012.  We will rebook something else while on the cruise. We may have to pay for airfare, but the idea of going to St. Maarten, St. Thomas on the Fantasy, might be worth it. We will see how it works out when we board the cruise. The shipboard credits, etc make it worth it.

I also added in the segmented dining for the land portion of the trip. The beauty of segmented dining was that we did not have to pay for days that we were not going to use, unlike normal when it is reserved for the length of the stay. Out of the 3 days, we will only use 2 of those days. Here is what we have:
June 14 - Quick Service Dining Plan - Mostly to get the cool mugs
June 15 - Table Service Dining Plan - to be able to eat Chef Mickeys
June 16 - N/A. Will eat McDonalds, Wings, etc.

Not a bad update for the week :o). I am going to get everything together to make the luggage tags for us. I have a $30 credit to use so that will be a good use of those funds.

Until next time!


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