Still only 2 lbs down... But that is better than nothing...

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Wow, where to begin......

This is our last week at work. 4 days with the students last day being Thursday, and the staff last day is Friday. There wont be anything to do, however we do have a staff lunch so that will be even better.

As of today, we have 2 weeks 2 days left before we leave for vacation. Through it all, I have only lost a total of 8 lbs since I began this journey. Do I see it as a failure. No, because that is still 8lbs that are off (for now). These last 2 weeks, I am going to try and push it just a bit more. I think that I can do at least 2 more lbs.  The real test will come AFTER we return. I will continue on my blogging path, because we do have another trip planned for December 17-20 for Christmas. So there is always something for me to plan and attempt to lose weight for. :o)

Let's see, I have ordered my dress and the kids now have their (semi-dressy) outfits ready to go. I am planning to get started packing their clothes today. I went to The Container Store and bought some packing items. My goal is to only take 4 suitcases. One large one, 1 medium, 2 carry-ons. I think that it can be done. The good thing is that the Bay Lake Tower has FREE laundry, so we are going to wash some clothes before we get on the cruise.

There is still some out of pocket expenses that I have alloted for. One was our Express (Fast Pass) Tickets to Universal Islands of Adventure. We already have the actual tickets, just need the express passes so that we wont have to waste too much time. I was told by a friend that went in March that it was the best thing and can save alot of time. That works for us, since Dudie wont be able to ride too much. That day, we also plan to go to the Character Breakfast. Anything to get my little one to be happy about seeing Spider Man. Kelsey doesn't care. All she knows is that she will be able to ride and he wont LOL.. I went ahead and purchased those breakfast tickets as well today.

I will update later today with an itinerary. So much to do in so little time :o)

Until next time :o)


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