I haven't checked to see my progress for this week... I will update later on that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011
What a week. Last week, was actually an ok week. I get to the weekend with so many plans, and truly get lazy when it arrives. I spent Friday night doing some work, and it took a while to finish. So I went to bed and could not really sleep. So I got up at like, 4AM to finish. Problem is that means I was missing sleep and could not get out to do anything during the day. I am not at all finished at all, just yet, but I think that I am ahead of the game on it. Only a few more weeks then the revisions to my courses will be done. I work PT  and we are in the process of revamping our courses. It is definitely alot of work to do after I get home, but it gives me so much experience as a whole. That and my current job!! Two thumbs up!

Lets See.... Update on my vacation.
I did place my order for groceries from Garden Grocer. YEA!! I just got some basics for while we are at the World to hold on to. You will have to purchase $40 (minimum) but that was not hard at all. I think that I got it to  $40.08 before all other fees, etc.I have always wanted to try it, but since we will be staying at BLT, I thought it was  perfect time to try it. I got Capri Sun (for the kids), Microwavable Bacon, Pop Tarts, water, and more. At least that is one less trip we will have  to make while we are there. It will be delivered between 11-1PM. Which is right before we get there. I guess a cute perk for staying in the DVC.

I still have just a few more things to get done, but not as much. I am attempting to not go overboard and spend unnecessary money, which I have done well so far.

I will update on my weightloss as soon as I do my weigh-in. Lets keep the fingers crossed LOL

Until Next Time!


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