Still 2 lbs down...

Sunday, May 8, 2011
This past week, I have done better than I have in a long time. Even though I spent yesterday not feeling too well. I went to a friends house that was awesomely clean, but something in the house made my allergies act up. But she did do my daughters hair for me, and I have to say that I love it. It looks like we have found the perfect style for the Vacation!! Yea!!!

I was able to exercise 3 days this past week, and I literally did not allow myself the yummy junk, I am used to. LOL.. Which is hard for me, but I did it. This week, I am going to try and do at least 4 days, no less than 3 days.  We started riding bikes as a family and we loved it. Dudie was in a bike carrier of course and decided to inform me to keep going even though he was not doing anything at all. I just love kids. They say some funny stuff. :o).

On an ok note, my truck decided to get sick. It was only $902.22 worth of sick, but what could I do. It was a fan clutch. I have to give it to the guy he was not trying to have me spend unnecessary money so he told me to drive it a bit and if the light comes on to come back. Well I did not make it a mile away before the light came on. Oh well, at least it is fixed.

A little closer to vacation. I am about to add a segmented dining plan to my reservation. I am also going to do the unthinkable........ I am going to cancel my Thanksgiving Cruise for 2012. I have thought really hard about this and decided I would rather go in the summer of 2012 to St. Maarten, St.Thomas on the Disney Fantasy. So we will wait until the cruise and make the reservation there so that we can take advantage of the little specials they have for booking on board. November is a great time to cruise, but I really want to take that time for another time. Yes, we will have to pay for the plane tickets, but I think that I will be much more pleased going the route I am going. If we make a mistake, I guess we will know it. Wish us luck :o)

Until next time. :o)


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