Wow, what can I say???

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
The past couple days (or weeks) have been so busy for me. I seem to have very little time for anything. One thing is true, I need to get it together. My dieting is going ok. Still 1 pound down, but at least I hadn't gained it back. My intentions were good, however, I am lacking motivation, I think.

I want to be honest, I eat salads, alot but I did have something called "The Millionaire Pie" from Furrs. I think that is what did it :o). It was a new discovery for me and I will HAVE to stay away from it.

So many other issues, but I am learning to let go and Let God!

I am just waiting on my cruise in June. It is sad to think that I have to have something to look forward to, to give me motivation. I need to be XX pounds lighter, so that my quality of life is better and I am really able to enjoy everything.March 4, I can begin making my reservations for the cruise. But in the meantime, I will just continue to virtually plan. At that point, the REAL planning begins.

I do have a few friends going on cruises soon (next month to be exact). Both on the Dream. I just really appreciate having REAL friends that understand who I am. But both of them are awesome. One (a co-worker) goes on the Dream with his family for Spring Break and the other (a DIS friend) leaves on the 4th of March. They both just seem so excited and I am thankful that they decided to share that with me :o). Too bad all my friends aren't the same. LOL.

Back to reality for me. Back to dieting and incorporating exercise into all of this. I am determined!!!

Until next time :o)



  1. Amie said...:

    I have been so unmotivated to workout too. Hope things go well for you this week.

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