It is Saturday!!! Snow is melting a bit...

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Wow, after the past few days, the snow came in yesterday morning. Today, the sun is shining bright and it looks like an end is in sight for the snow melting. I am still not really sure if I got the rest I needed, but I am sure that I got something.

I have to admit, that I am still trying to eat right. The food that we have in the house, is somewhat healthy. I did take a peek at the scale this morning, and I am another pound down. So I guess I did O-K. I really want to make sure that this is something that I keep off. So it cant be just a fly by the seat of my pants thing. There are so many great programs out there, but I admit that they are costly. I realize that incorporating some type of exercise is what will allow me to lose even more weight. I need to get outside with the kids and do something. I am thinking that what I might do is use anything that can help. From going outside, to playing the Wii (Especially the MJ Wii game -shhh..don't tell my kids) LOL.

I work all day and I work part-time online as an instructor. I actually have to teach two days a week when I get home, so those two days are not available. I also use one additional day to do grades, etc. So I am thinking Monday, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. I just need to figure out what I will do to get active. Most of my problem is when the weekend hits, I am so tired from the week, I am just too pooped to continue, but luckily Kelsey is starting back to soccer, so I will be forced to be outside two days a week waiting on her. She has an awesome coach, so I can leave and go to the next block and do some walking at the track while I wait. Since it is the spring it should be ok. Of course this is Texas so there is no guarantee about the weather LOL :o)

I have taken a short break from planning the vacation, until March. I think that I am just excited overall. I have a friend leaving on the cruise in March, so I will just wait patiently for her to return with the pictures of what I can expect.

We will be shoveling the driveway today and try to make it to Costco. I hear that the freeways are good to go but the neighborhoods are if'y. I guess it had to be for the Super Bowl. I just hope that the roads are not crowded trying to get anywhere in this town. It should be ok.... Right??

Until next time :o)


  1. Amie said...:

    Newest follower from Bloggy Moms. I'm glad I found this blog as I hope to loose some weight before my Disney Vacation in March. Come check out my blog we'll have to motivate each other to lose the weight before Disney :)

  1. Jodi said...:

    Hi there,
    I’m your newest follower from MBC. Great site! Please follow me at and join me of FB too!/pages/Jodi-Lee/172740309414167

  1. Cute blog. :) I hope you'll have an awesome vacation.

    P.S. I'm your newest follower.

  1. momof2 said...:

    You are doing great! A pound is awesome! Excercise is definitely a key ... great for weight management and for overall health and well being. I know that I am a better mother when I excercise!

    New to following you from MBC!

  1. Thank so much Danielle. I just started following your blog. It is just what I need at this point :o)

  1. Jenelle said...:

    I am your newest follower from Bloggy Mom. Best wishes on your weight loss Journey. Completely understand the snow situation. It is sunny here today and everyone is trying to clear snow out of the driveways, roofs, etc.

    would love for you to follow back :-)

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