T-Minus 2 Days.....

Sunday, June 12, 2011
Wow, as I am sitting here with nothing on except this computer. I am getting a tad bit overwhelmed. I do this to myself all of the time. I really need to get Anthony and I packed, but for some reason, I am just LAZY (no seriously, LAZY). I was supposed to do my hair, but luckily, I was texting a friend on yesterday and she was with my hair stylist (who I forgot to call to set an appointment up with for my hair). Luckily, he was able to get me in to see him today!! Yea!!! So after 1:00 PM that will be done and over with. I will still need to continue to pack.

It turns out that my really cute and awesome computer that I bought (DELL Duo -with the flip top screen) does NOT have a plug for an Ethernet, nor a spot for my head phones. I am going to be having class and will need both of those. Now to accommodate, I will have to take a keyboard and mouse. Wait I did buy a wireless router. $32 buck. Does no good... You have to have that Ethernet connection to get it started. SMH!!! I do not want to take my bigger laptop but I might have to under the circumstances. We will see. All of this and it seems that I will be doing more work to do work, then anything. But at least the bigger bulk of work will be before we leave for the cruise. So all I will have to do is check emails. Should be easy enough, right??

Weight-loss has gone well. I lost another pound. Did not quite reach my goal in all of this, but at least something is gone LOL :o). After this trip, we begin planning the Christmas Surprise for the kids. It will be a quick trip, but at least we will be at the Christmas party :o).

If you have any extra energy, please send some my way!! I could use it. I am guessing I should allow Dudie to help, because at least something will get into the suitcase and that is a start.

Until next time :o)


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